Intensives Specifically for Teen Dancers

It is really intimidating to learn ballet when you’re older. Most studios have a single class for teens. Our school is different. We developed our teen programs for beginning to intermediate dancers that want to experience a full program of dance with peers their own age. Your teen will feel comfortable and welcomed, as they learn from nurturing instructors that will encourage them to learn and develop the love of dance and specifically, ballet.

Teen Intensives

Summer 2019

Dance your way through summer in our two workshops specifically for teens!

In June, you will dance your way through your favorite ballets, including Swan Lake, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and more. Each day includes a ballet class and pre-pointe or pointe class followed by a learning some choreography from a classical ballet.

In July, you will move and groove as your explore Ballet, Modern, and Technical Jazz over this 3-day Dance Workshop.

Both workshops are appropriate for teens at the Beginning to Intermediate level.


I have personally changed in so many ways through ballet. I have been able to get in better shape and become stronger, as well as improve my technique. Ballet has also helped with my confidence so much. I feel a lot more comfortable with my body and who I am.


- Alex

Enjoy your time in each class as you transform along the way!

Physical benefits.

Ballet creates long strong muscles in your arms and legs and improves sports performance.

Emotional benefits.

Ballet instills a sense of self-confidence. You'll find pride in what you are doing and the desire to work hard to improve.

Intellectual benefits.

Ballet increases focus and concentration skills that are valuable in and out of the dance studio.

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