Explore Ballet

You’ve seen her twirl around the house, walk up on her tippy toes, and imagine herself to be a ballerina. And now it’s time for ballet class! Our one-of-a-kind Explore Ballet Program is the perfect start to building a life-long love of dance for girls or boys!  

Explore Ballet is unique! Through our carefully planned curriculum, your child will acquire a solid classical ballet foundation, develop confidence, apply their creativity, and learn to collaborate with their peers.


Your child will learn developmentally-appropriate classical ballet technique using the safest, most researched ballet curriculum available. Our curriculum was created by experts in the fields of dance, medicine, physical therapy, and child development. Our exclusively small class sizes ensure that your child gets the individualized attention and encouragement needed for maximum progression.



Your child will delight in the discovery that dance can tell a story. Under the watchful eye of the instructor, your child will collaborate with his or her peers to problem-solve and create an original dance inspired by each term’s classical ballet.



Imagine the smile on your child’s face, when he or she proudly and confidently demonstrates new steps and dance they helped create. You are invited to an informal in-class demonstration at the end of each term to observe your child’s progress.

2019 Fall Semester | 2020 Spring Semester

No prior ballet experience is required for any of the Explore Ballet classes. Level is determined by age.

Explore Ballet 1

Age 4 – 5 | New students: Must turn 4 by Sept 1, 2019

Children learn simple balletic movements using imaginative and engaging ideas that promote the joy of movement. Classroom skills, such as turn taking, listening and following direction are reinforced. (45 mins)


Explore Ballet 2

Age 5 – 6 | New students: Must turn 5 by Sept 1, 2019

Basic ballet movements, use of natural turn-out, and elementary French ballet vocabulary are introduced with an emphasis on promotion of self-confidence. (60 mins)


Explore Ballet 3

Age 6 – 8 | New students: Must turn 6 by Sept 1, 2019

Your dancer will begin to develop balance, strength, self-control, and focus while building on the ballet basics learned in previous classes. (60 mins)


Explore Ballet 4

Age 7 – 9 | New students: Must turn 7 by Sept 1, 2019

Your child’s last year in our Explore Ballet Program will provide your child with the ballet foundation needed to progress into our Leveled Ballet Program with confidence. (60 mins)


Dress Code for all 2019/2020 Explore Ballet Classes: Girls – PINK leotard with skirt, pink tights (optional), and pink ballet shoes. Hair secured back out of face. Boys – Black shorts, white t-shirt, white socks, white ballet shoes.

Summer registration is open to all! Click the link below to see schedule and pricing.

2019/2020 School Year registration is open to current students only at this time.

New students may begin registration on May 23, 2019.

Our daughter started ballet classes two months ago! She loves teacher Allison! The class is at the perfect time for our schedule. The staff is kind and nurtures her love of dance while being gentle with her tendency to be shy at first!


- Mary

Your dancer will have a blast and gain skills that will help them in life!


Dance Promotes Creativity

Your child will discover an outlet for self-expression and develop an appreciation for the arts .


Dance Improves Classroom Performance

The discipline and focus your child gains in dance classes translates to improved academic performance. In addition, dance lessons help reinforce educational basics, like counting.


Dance Improves Self-Esteem

Children with a background in dance are typically more comfortable about their body and have improved levels of self-confidence. Dance also helps foster a positive attitude.


Dance Encourages Socialization

It’s not uncommon for children to forge lifelong friendships from dance. With each class, children learn to improve their communication and social skills by interacting with other dancers in their class.


Dance Encourages an Active Lifestyle

Your child will be physically active in a fun way. They will improve their flexibility, range of motion, stamina and their strength. The movements in dance also help improve balance, coordination and posture.


Dance Helps Improve Behavioral Issues

Many parents find that dance lessons help improve behavioral issues, such as hyperactivity. The art of dancing tends to have a calming effect on children and also helps them release pent-up energy.

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