It is really intimidating to start ballet when you’re older. Many students have been dancing together at the same studio since they were very young. The Director of EVBA’s Teen Program had a similar experience starting her classical training at the age of 11, which is “old” in ballet terms. She wants to make it very clear that it’s never too late to learn ballet! Our school is different. You will feel comfortable and welcomed, as you learn from nurturing instructors that will encourage you to learn and develop the love of ballet.

Absolutely Beginner Ballet Workshops

Summer 2019

Designed for teens who have never had a ballet class, this workshop teaches ballet from the very beginning. At the end of the program your dancer will have learned some of the fundamental positions, vocabulary, and basic principles of ballet so they will be ready to start taking classes with confidence.

What to wear: We want you to feel comfortable. You may wear the traditional tights and a leotard, or any yoga type clothing that allows for ease of movement. A T-shirt and/or shorts over your leotard are ok if you feel more comfortable. Ballet shoes required.


I have changed a lot in terms of confidence since beginning ballet. The “normal” path of a ballet dancer is to begin studying at a young age, so beginning as a teen was somewhat nerve-racking, but I am thankful for ballet and the senses of strength and empowerment it has given me. In simply the way I stand and speak, I feel surer of myself and, overall, happier. It is never too late to pursue your interests and I am beyond happy that I have begun to pursue mine. 


- Ashley

Enjoy your time in each class as you transform along the way!

Ballet gives you physical benefits.

Ballet creates long strong muscles in your arms and legs and improves sports performance.

Ballet gives you emotional benefits.

Ballet instills a sense of self-confidence. You’ll find pride in what you are doing and the desire to work hard to improve.

Ballet gives you intellectual benefits.

Ballet increases focus and concentration skills that are valuable in and out of the dance studio.

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